Building a new leisure centre for Kingston


Liberal Democrat councillors have successfully ringfenced £44 million for building our new leisure centre. Although construction prices have skyrocketed,labour shortages have grown worse, and council finances have faced a difficult blow following the Conservative government’s “mini budget”- the project is continuing, with sensible precautions taken to ensure value for money and protect local taxpayers.

The old leisure centre had reached its life end and seen repair costs rise sharply in its final years.

Leader of Lib Dem councillors at Kingston, Andreas Kirsch said:

“At the last election we promised a new leisure centre in Kingston. We are committed to delivering this for all residents- but we will not undermine Kingston’s finances in the process.

“The surge in costs has caused delays- and means we need to continue to look at options for the new leisure centre. However,  the money allocated for the leisure centre will continue to be ringfenced for that purpose, and I look forward to building work starting once we have found the right proposal.”